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Karmyn hoped for a good marriage, and she hoped for a successful business. But the result was a destroyed marriage and a hatred for the person who made her doubt herself. Keeping busy with her fitness business, Karmyn didn’t have time to think about what she had lost. She stayed focused and continued to hope for a better future.
That future manifested in Nick Butler. Not at all what Karmyn was hoping for. He was the attorney that helped her ex-husband ruin her left. That was years ago. So why was she still angry at Nick for doing his job?

Nick remembered how Karmyn was broken and shattered during her divorce. He also remembered how beautiful she was. He said some things he regretted because he never really knew who she was. After bumping into her over the past few years, Nick learned Karmyn was nothing like he thought. He just hoped she would forgive him his transgression and get to know the real Nick Butler.

Karmyn - A Story of Hope

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